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Improve the performance of your TOF instrument(s)

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Direct Exposure Probe
Expand the utility of GC-TOFMS with the use of a Direct Exposure Probe, examine polar and thermally labile samples with minimal sample preparation and very fast acquisition times.  





Add-On Products 
Below you will find various products and accessories that have been integrated into our Separation Science product line to give you the most powerful tools available on the market.




Gas Chromatography


Gas chromatography featuring the 7890 GC. Various inlets and injectors are also available.


Sample Preparation & Automation


Sample preparation and automation solutions for GC and GC/MS designed to optimize performance, enhance productivity, and extend capabilities. Solutions include Liquid/Headspace/SPME injections, Thermal Desorption, and Automated Liner EXchange (ALEX).


Nitrogen Generators


Nitrogen generators that operate on house air or a built-in compressor.


Chromatography Products


A select number of high quality chromatographic columns.


Direct Inlet Probes


The direct inlet probe consists of a vacuum-locked interface to the ion source of the mass spectrometer and a probe on which the sample is loaded at the tip. Two styles of probes are available: the direct exposure probe and direct insertion probe.