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LECO Introduces a New Grinder/Polisher Series

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO is pleased to introduce the new PX400/PX500 grinder/polisher series to their lineup of metallographic products.

LECO Introduces the New 928 Series for Carbon/Nitrogen Analysis

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO is pleased to introduce the new 928 series, which will transform the way users determine carbon and nitrogen in a variety of organic materials.

What Can Automation Bring to Your Hardness Testing?

AMH55 Automatic Hardness Testing System

Our innovative automatic hardness tester—the AMH55—lets you, the customer, define and tailor your hardness testing based on your specific application.  Read more

Why Limit Your Analysis with MS/MS?

In your application work you need the power to analyze even the most complex samples. MS/MS can restrict your analysis due to its targeted nature, giving you “tunnel vision” and causing you to potentially miss key analytes. Read more

LECO Corporation Introduces the New Pegasus® BT

St. Joseph, Mich– LECO Corporation is pleased to announce their latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace—the Pegasus® BT.