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Reference Title and Description
203-821-655 Analysis of Heavy Fuel Oil using Multi-Mode Ionization

Heavy Fuel Oil Multi-Mode Source MMS GCxGC-HRT4D

203-821-630 Multi-Mode Source MMS

The Multi-Mode Ion Source provides a single solution for Electron Ionization, Positive Chemical Ionization, and Electron Capture Negative Ionization.

203-821-487 Spice Wars – Are You Battle Ready? Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids Using an HR-CI Source Operated in EI and CI Modes

203-821-492 Disinfection Byproducts Water

203-821-481 Characterization of Green Leaf Tobacco Extracts Using GC-HRT

203-821-447 Enhanced Metabolite Profiling: Hard and Soft Ionization High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

203-821-435 Comprehensive Analysis of Drug Residues from a Confiscated Pipe: GC-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry with Chemical Ionization to Facilitate Unknown Identification

203-821-448 Jet Fuel Analysis by HRTOFMS: EI, CI, and Accurate Mass

203-821-449 Identifying Polymer Extract Components wth EI and CI GC-HRTOFMS