Energy eBook: Gas Chromatography and Refineries

Petroleum products are used the world over, and they all start with crude oil refinement. In distilling, cracking, and reforming the crude oil into petroleum products, many analytical instruments and tests are needed to monitor the process and maintain the quality demanded by consumers and regulations.

LECO’s range of mass spectrometers are well-suited for the complex samples of petroleum products. Two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) can take a challenging petroleum sample and separate structural classes of hydrocarbons into distinct, easily identifiable bands. The Pegasus line of time-of-flight mass spectrometers can produce full-spectrum results in minutes, with a single run at industry-leading sensitivities. 

Whether it’s detecting a highly-diluted fuel marker in less than 15 minutes with no sample preparation or tracing spilled fuels back to their geographic sources through biomarkers, the Pegasus flies through samples with ease. 

Download LECO’s Energy & Fuels Applications eBook for a focus on GC and GCxGC technology and how it can be used to ease the struggles of anyone working with petroleum products.