Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Protein Determinator

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and an on-board, touch-screen software platform, the 828 Series allows you to easily handle a wide range of sample applications. The core capabilities and performance of previous generations of LECO macro combustion instruments have been maintained, while key improvements have been made in throughput, uptime, and reliability. All 828 Series models are compatible with the S832 add-on providing independent sulfur determination. Macro sample mass capability paired with cycle times as fast as 2.8 minutes make the 828 an ideal instrument for a diverse applications base, while delivering unparalleled sample analysis throughput.

Carbon and Water Determination

Get fast, reliable carbon and water determination with our RC612. This state-of-the-art instrument quantifies the carbon and water present in various organic and inorganic samples, and identifies the source of several types of carbon content. The RC612 has a small footprint, along with easy-to-use operating software for streamlined analysis.

Carbon and Sulfur by Combustion

Redefine the way you determine carbon and sulfur in metals, ores, and other inorganic materials with our 744 series. Using extensive customer feedback and innovative engineering, the 744 takes advantage of our immersive Cornerstone® brand software platform and a number of features, such as an improved IR cell design and available automation, come together to increase usability, lab productivity, and lower your cost-per-analysis.

Easily analyze your wide-range carbon and sulfur content with our CS844 for the determination of carbon and sulfur in primary steels, ores, finished metals, ceramics, and other inorganic materials using the combustion technique. State-of-the-art hardware and our exclusive Cornerstone® touch-screen software platform provide your laboratory with increased usability and a lower cost-per-analysis.

Easily handle heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low analyte level samples with the 928 Series Macro Determinator for determining Carbon/Nitrogen/Sulfur and Nitrogen/Protein by Combustion. State-of-the-art hardware and our exclusive Cornerstone® touch-screen software platform provide your laboratory with an increase in throughput, uptime, and reliability. Macro sample mass ability (up to 3 grams for Nitrogen/Protein model regardless of sample carbon content) with rapid cycle times and a low cost-per-analysis make the 928 Series ideal for these challenging macro samples.

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion

LECO’s 832 series will bring productivity, precision, and progress to your lab when determining the sulfur and carbon content in a wide variety of organic materials. Our Cornerstone® brand software platform powered by a touch-screen interface, increases usability and operational control without using valuable bench space. A high-efficiency combustion furnace, improved IR cell design, and a robust, rugged design make the 832 a valuable resource for any laboratory needing fast and accurate analysis.


The TruSpec Micro delivers optimal performance in carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen determination in solid or liquid micro samples. Components work together to provide you with reliable, consistent performance marked by rapid analysis times, greater robustness/less downtime, and reduced maintenance.

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