fp 628


Nitrogen/Protein in Organic Samples

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with key improvements in overall instrument performance and reliability, the FP628 allows you to achieve rapid analysis times of 3.5 minutes for nitrogen/protein results in organic matrices such as foods, forages, fertilizers, and milled products regardless of sample mass.

Part of our popular 628 series, this instrument is also available in carbon/nitrogen and carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen configurations. An optional sulfur add-on module provides independent sulfur determination on macro samples (350 mg).



Maximize Throughput While Keeping Cost-Per-Analysis Low

  • Rapid analysis times of 3.5 minutes with extended reagent lifetimes including a 2000 sample copper reduction reagent lifetime ensure a low cost-per-analysis and increased instrument uptime for maximum throughput regardless of sample matrix or mass
  • Unique combustion gas handling and aliquot dosing system eliminating the need for chromatographic separation, trap and purge techniques, and other costly whole gas analyses
  • Stainless-steel pre-chiller block and thermoelectric cooler eliminates the use of anhydrone or other chemical reagents for removal of moisture in the furnace combustion gases
  • Simple, gravity-fed autoloader allows for unattended analysis with optional capacity for up to 120 samples, while increasing long-term reliability of loader

Additional Features and Benefits


Pure Oxygen Combustion System

  • Dual-stage furnace system operates at temperatures up to 1050°C using only pure oxygen to ensure the complete combustion of all organic samples, without requiring additional metal oxidizing reagents or other carrier gases
  • Quartz lance directs oxygen flow directly onto the sample, accelerating the combustion process and providing superior recovery
  • Large, porous crucible aids combustion process of macro samples and extends maintenance intervals to several hundred samples


fp 628 hl comb tube sm


  • To enhance safety and convenience, reagent and reduction tubes are located on the front side of the instrument behind a cabinet door, along with specially designed tools to aid in performing maintenance tasks
  • Open access to ballast and pinch valve assembly areas with quick-release features and simple drop in replacement tubing kit simplify preventive maintenance routines resulting in long lasting system performance and reliability


fp 628 hl sm


  • Simplified data handling, customizable data reporting/exporting, convenient on-board help manual and a number of user-defined settings make the software flexible and easy to operate
  • Designed for seamless interaction with any operator or customer environment, with virtually unlimited storage space and compatibility with various Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Supports compliance to FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11 for a closed analytical system


chn 626 scrn hl sm


  • CHN628 - carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen
  • CN628 - carbon/nitrogen
  • FP628 - nitrogen/protein


  • Sulfur add-on module provides independent sulfur determination on macro samples (350 mg) using high temperature combustion (1450oC) with analysis times less than 2 minutes
  • Oxygen add-on module for micro oxygen capabilities compatible with carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen instrument model
  • SmartLine® Remote Diagnostics
  • Consumables