rhen 602


Hydrogen Determination by Inert Gas Fusion Thermal Conductivity Detection

Determine hydrogen content for aluminum, other metals, refractories, and inorganic materials with the RHEN602. Improved furnace operating parameters optimize sample size, accuracy, and precision. The RHEN602 handles a wide range of metals, especially at low levels (<2 ppm). Multiple method selection assures optimal furnace and analysis settings for each sample matrix. On-board diagnostics minimize downtime.

The RHEN602 provides an advanced electrode furnace operating system for more detailed temperature profiles and complete control of set points and ramp rates.



  • Programmable ramping electrode furnace (capable of bulk and surface analysis of aluminum alloys)
  • Up to 6 g nominal sample weight offering improved precision
  • Improved sensitivity to 0.05 ppm at 1 g sample mass
  • Calibration by gas dose or standards
  • Pre-defined application techniques
  • State-of-the-art solid-state thermal conductivity (TC) technology
  • Easy-to-use Windows®–based operating system maximizes flexibility for production and research applications
  • SmartLine® Remote Diagnostics allows LECO service to connect directly to your instrument for quicker solutions and maximized up-time


Windows-Based Software

The standard interface incorporates data spreadsheet, sample plots, and statistics. EN Software



  • RHEN602 Hydrogen Determinator (Fusion)