Olympus BX53M

Upright Metallurgical Microscope

The BX53M Series offers superior image clarity and superb resolution. Improved UIS optics are ideal for all observation methods, and controls are efficiently placed for improved comfort and ease-of-use. Greater flexibility and modularity allow unprecedented freedom to select and combine components.

(Available only in USA and Canada)


  • LED Lighting: This lighting is whiter than halogen, which results in more accurate color representation of the sample. There is also no loss in brightness.
  • Light Intensity Manager: Using optional coded nosepieces and illuminators, the operator will be able to set light levels for each objective. These levels are then recalled automatically when rotating the nosepiece.
  • Color Coded Aperture Settings: Illuminators are now available with colors placed next to the aperture adjustment. Users simply slide the lever to match the color of objective they are on.
  • Focus Scale Index: A simple scale on the frame of the microscope gives a clear indication of focus point to allow the user to quickly get their samples in focus.
  • Simplified Illuminator: Streamlines the operation of more frequently used observation methods.
  • Optional MIX Observation Mode: Allows Brightfield AND Darkfield illumination.


  • Observation methods easily tailored to fit customer needs
  • Many models of illumination are available, including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, and polarized light