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Olympus GX Inverted Metallographs

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Olympus GX Series

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

The advanced Olympus GX Series sets higher standards for image clarity and resolution in inverted metallurgical microscopes. Its modular design makes it a more flexible instrument, and an ideal solution for diverse inspection and research needs (including video microscopy).

(Available only in USA and Canada)


  • LED lighting (GX53)
  • MIX Observation mode, allowing simultaneous Brightfield and Darkfield illumination
  • State-of-the-art UIS infinity-corrected optics—ideal for all observation methods
  • Modular construction allows base-model expansion as user requirements change
  • Solid aluminum casting for improved stability and rigidity
  • Objective range from 1.25X to 150X
  • A wide variety of TV couplers offer numerous video magnifications
  • 3 video ports available for video microscopy
  • Wide variety of accessories


Select Range of Filters


  • Observation methods easily tailored to fit customer needs
  • Many modes of illumination are available, including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, and polarized light


Range of Filters



  • Reflected Light Brightfield Observation
  • Reflected Light Simple
  • Polarizing Observation

  • Reflected Light Brightfield Observation
  • Reflected Light Brightfield Observation with DIC/Polarized Light
  • Reflected Light Brightfield and Darkfield Observation
  • Reflected Light Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarized, and DIC


  • IA44 Image Analysis and Management System
  • PAX-it™ Image Management System
  • Auto X/Y Stages
  • Full Line of Objectives
  • Widefield and Intermediate Eyepieces
  • Encoded Revolving Nosepieces
  • Motorized Revolving Nosepieces
  • Transmitted Light Illuminator
  • Consumables