sz 61

Olympus SZ2

Zoom Stereo Microscope

The SZ meets the demand for higher precision in industrial research, metallographic laboratories, heat treaters, and technology industries. The high magnification factors, superb resolution, compact design, and extra-long working distance make these microscopes high performance tools that deliver quality results. The SZ offers various types of microscope bodies ideal for your coaxial vertical illumination and TV observation needs.

(Available only in USA and Canada)


  • Coaxial vertical illuminator provides shade-free images while retaining a high level of brightness through the entire depth of the specimen
  • Trinocular tube with simple focusing for digital cameras


  • Large zoom ratio
  • Unprecedented image clarity
  • ESD safety design to protect equipment and prevent damage to samples
  • Wide variety of super widefield, high-eyepoint eyepieces available





  • Magnification from 2.4X to 240X
    Zoom range .8X to 4X
    Working distance 110 mm
  • Magnification from 2X to 270X
    Zoom range .67X to 5X
    Working distance 110 mm



  • IA44 Image Analysis and Management System
  • Pax-it™ Image Management System
  • Transmitted Light Illuminators
  • Coaxial Vertical Light Illuminators
  • Universal and Large Stands
  • Fiber Optics Ring Light
  • Consumables