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Olympus SZX2 Stereo Microscopes

szx series

Olympus SZX2

Research Stereo Microscope System for Industrial Applications

The SZX2 Series stereo microscopes offer excellent optical performance. This system's modularity allows you to create application-specific configurations. It offers optical and mechanical rigidity and stability, along with a wide range of modular components for precise inspection and measurement.


(Available only in USA and Canada.)


  • Advanced ergonomic design for enhanced operator performance
  • Wide range of camera adapters accommodates various image devices and digital photomicrography
  • Multiple illumination options maximize visibility for specific applications
  • Large array of configurations and available options to fit your application needs


  • Large zoom ratio
  • Unprecedented image clarity
  • Revolving nosepiece (SZX10 and SZX16)
  • Aperture diaphragm unit
  • Detailed zoom stops





  • Zoom range 0.7X to 11.0X
    (Zoom ratio 16.4:1)
  • Zoom range 0.7X to 6.3X
    (Zoom ratio 10:1)
  • Zoom range 0.8X to 5.6X
    (Zoom ratio 7:1)



  • IA44 Image Analysis and Management System
  • PAX-it Image Management System
  • Full Line of Objectives
  • Stage Adapters
  • Fluorecence Units
  • Large Stage Plate
  • Drawing Attachment
  • Simple Polarizer
  • Rotatable Analyzer
  • DP72 Digital Photomicrography System
  • Consumables