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Instruments for the Month of March

Find the high-quality products you expect from LECO at a significant savings with our used and demo equipment. Choose from a selection of current- and previous-generation instruments, available directly from LECO. If you don’t see the product you need, be sure to check this page again, as our inventory is updated frequently.

Inventory is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so contact your local sales engineer or complete the contact form today to purchase used or demo equipment. Click here for our contact form.


Red Text  = Reduced Price 



Instrument Options Condition
628 Oxygen Micro   Excellent
AC500 Includes Wash Basin & Vessel Excellent
FP628 Includes 30-Position Carousel Excellent
SC632LC With Autoloader Excellent
TruSpec N No Balance,
Di-Pal Liquid Sampler




Instrument Options Condition
CHSDR600 Balance Included Excellent
CSLS600 Has Autocleaner, No Balance New
Recirculating Cooler 50 Hz; International Use Only New
Sample Carousel Use for ONH Family New
SL20 Shuttleloader Use for ONH Family Good
TF1   New
TF10 Comes with TFC10 Like New
TF10 Comes with TFC10 Like New
WC600 Complete Like New




Instrument Options Price
SS1000 Grinder/Polisher Base Unit (no head) $5,300.00
 VC50 (801-900) With Metric Micrometer  $5,200.00 



*Not available outside the USA

Inventory Reduction & Demo Specials
Brinell Tester 62.5–3000 KGF load range
No measuring scope
(Part #863-783-756)
Hirox 1300 Digital Microscope*
Capture Only, PC, 19" Monitor, 140II and 350II Obj.
Two Systems now available!
(Part #LHDM1300)
LCR500 Automatic Load Cell Tester
with Rockwell & Superficial Scales
(Part #863-396)
SZ61 w/Built-in C-Mount and 10X Eyepieces*
(Part #863-888)
List of additional used Optical Equipment PDF (PDF)



Instrument Options Condition
Pegasus GC-HRT 7890A GC (S/SL)  Excellent
Pegasus HT 7890A GC (S/SL) Excellent
Pegasus 4D-CF GCxGC w/7890A (S/SL) Good
Pegasus 4D-LN2 GCxGC w/7890A (S/SL) Excellent
Liquid Leveler   Good
AS CombiPAL Leap D-Inject/H-Space/SPME
AS MPS 2HS Gerstel w/SPME
(North America Only)
Sampler MPS 2HS Gertel w/SPME