LECO Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering the Right Results Since 1936


How did LECO begin?
In 1936, the Laboratory Equipment Company introduced the first rapid carbon
determinator to the American iron and steel industry. Today, more than 75 years later, LECO is recognized globally as a leader in innovative analytical
instrumentation, mass spectrometers, metallography and optical equipment,
and consumables. Our broad selection of innovative instrumentation
incorporates trendsetting automation, easy-to-use software, and the latest
technologies into ergonomic designs. This results in instruments that are fast, accurate, and user-friendly—allowing you to increase productivity by achieving a level of throughput that was once unobtainable for many lab managers.

What types of instrumentation does LECO develop?
LECO's diverse selection of products covers the following areas.

Material Characterization/Inorganic Analysis
Determinators for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen used for metal and inorganic analyses; glow discharge spectrometers for bulk and/or quantitative depth profile analysis. Examples of these products include the CS844 Carbon and Sulfur Determinator and the ONH836 Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Determinator.

Microstructural Analysis
Metallographic sample preparation equipment; macro and microindentation hardness testers; microscopes; image analysis and management systems; optical accessories. Examples of these products include MSX-Series Sectioning Machines; micro- and macro-indentation testing systems; Automatic and Rockwell-type hardness testing systems; Olympus® industrial microscopes; digital zoom microscope systems; and the IA44 Image Analysis/Management System.

Organic Analysis
Determinators for carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; analyzers for protein, ash/moisture, mercury, and calorific value. Examples of these products include the CHN628 Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Determinator and the
TruMac® Series Macro Determinator.

Mass Spectrometry (Separation Science)
Fast GC-TOFMS systems with ChromaTOF® software dedicated to a wide variety
of organic applications; GCxGC-TOFMS and GCxGC FID/ECD systems offer
increased separation power. Examples of these products include the
Pegasus® GC-HRT (High Resolution TOFMS), and Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS.

Where is LECO based?
Located in St. Joseph, Michigan, off the coast of Lake Michigan—just 90 miles from both Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan—LECO's unique headquarters campus includes research and development, testing laboratories, service, manufacturing, and administrative buildings all within a one-mile radius, allowing us to integrate the production process and maintain constant communication with each department. From stamped metal parts to complex electronic assemblies, most components are produced in-house, allowing strict control over the entire manufacturing and assembly process in accordance with the quality standards of ISO-9001.

Does LECO serve customers internationally?
LECO currently has over 30 subsidiaries worldwide, in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Canada, and Mexico. Additional distributors are authorized by LECO to sell and service our products to the rest of the world. Visit our website for international contact information. CE testing is performed at LECO's on-site compliance testing center.

Who is LECO?
A privately-held, family-owned company, LECO maintains a diverse workforce of approximately 700 employees. Many longstanding employees have remained with LECO through the years because of the company's belief in retaining strong talent and in the importance of family.

What are LECO's annual sales?
As a private corporation, LECO does not disclose financial information to the public.

Which industries and markets does LECO serve? 
LECO products are ideal for a number of different market areas, including:

  • Mined Materials & Metals
  • Agricultural and Environmental
  • Food
  • Energy & Fuels
  • Life Sciences

Why choose a LECO product?
LECO has earned a loyal customer base worldwide by anticipating the market's most complex needs, then exploring, expanding, and developing products that deliver the right results. Application experts help ensure the right instrument will be used for the right application before a purchase is made, and continue to assist customers after the sale by answering application questions. Dedicated global support after the sale includes assistance from highly-trained service personnel and ongoing educational opportunities.

Where can I learn more about LECO?
Web: www.leco.com
Email: info@leco.com
Phone: 269-985-5496