Warranty Coverage

Equipment manufactured by LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, Michigan is warranted free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of installation. Equipment not manufactured by LECO is covered to the extent of warranty provided by the original manufacturer and this warranty does not cover any equipment, new or used, purchased from anyone other than LECO Corporation. All replacement parts shall be covered under warranty for a period of thirty days from date of purchase. LECO makes no other representation or warranty of any other kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the goods sold hereunder, whether as to merchantability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise.

Expendable items such as crucibles, combustion tubes, chemicals, and items of like nature are not covered by this warranty.

LECO's sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace any part or parts which, to our satisfaction, prove to be defective upon return prepaid to LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, Michigan. This obligation does not include labor to install replacement parts, nor does it cover any failure due to accident, abuse, neglect, or use in disregard of instructions furnished by LECO. In no event shall damages for defective goods exceed the purchase price of the goods, and LECO shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages whatsoever.

All claims in regard to the parts or equipment must be made within ten (10) days after Purchaser learns of the facts upon which the claim is based. Authorization must be obtained from LECO prior to returning any other parts. This warranty is voided by failure to comply with these notice requirements.


Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Much like an automobile, routine checks and maintenance need to be performed regularly on your laboratory instrumentation to keep them in peak operating condition. That is why we have designed Preventive Maintenance Agreements (PMA's) for select LECO instrument models.

PMA's are a smart, convenient way to help you prevent unexpected downtime and associated costs. With LECO PMA's, trained LECO service specialists perform maintenance checks on your instrument (including cleanings and flow-path rebuilds) on a regularly scheduled basis. One, all-inclusive part number covering routine parts, labor, and travel can be easily purchased and renewed.

  • Replacement parts and labor that may be necessary to repair an instrument are not included in this package.
  • PMAs conducted outside the contiguous United States will incur additional travel expenses.


Instrument Part Number
AMA254 Mercury 104-111
CHN/CN/FP628 Series 104-124-HAZ
CHN/CN/FP628 Series w/Sulfur Module  104-125-HAZ
CNS928 Carbon/Nitrogen/Sulfure 104-202-HAZ
FP-528 Nitrogen/Protein 104-101-HAZ
FP828 Series 104-195-HAZ
FP/CN928 Series 104-193-HAZ
SC632 Sulfur/Carbon 104-121-HAZ
SC/S/C 832 Sulfur/Carbon 104-184-HAZ
SC/S/C 832 Sulfur/Carbon with Autoloader 104-187-HAZ
TruMac Nitrogen (s/n <4000) 104-123-HAZ
TruMac Nitrogen, Carbon/Nitrogen (s/n >4000) 104-126-HAZ
TruMac Carbon/Nitrogen/Sulfur, Nitrogen/Sulfur 104-127-HAZ
C/S/CS230 Carbon/Sulfur 104-109-HAZ
C/S/CS600 Carbon/Sulfur 104-117-HAZ
C/CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Auto Clean No Perform 104-137-HAZ
C/CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Auto Clean w/Perform 104-135-HAZ
C/CS744 Carbon/Sulfur Man Clean No Perform 104-136-HAZ
C/CS744 Man Clean w/Perform 104-134-HAZ
C844 Carbon 104-133-HAZ
CS844 Carbon/Sulfur 104-131-HAZ
DH603 Hydrogen 104-178-HAZ
ON/O/N736 Oxygen/Nitrogen w/Perform 104-180-HAZ
ON/O/N736 Oxygen/Nitrogen No Perform 104-182-HAZ
ON/O/N836 Oxygen/Nitrogen 104-130-HAZ
ONH/OH836 Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen  104-129-HAZ
RC612 Carbon/Moisture 104-172-HAZ
RHEN602 Hydrogen  104-128-HAZ
RO500/RO600 Oxygen 104-115-HAZ
ROH600/TCH600 Oxygen/Hydrogen 104-116-HAZ
S744 Sulfur Man Clean No Perform 104-139-HAZ
S744 Sulfur w/Perform 104-138-HAZ
S844 Sulfur 104-132-HAZ
TC600 Nitrogen/Oxygen 104-113-HAZ
TN500/600 Nitrogen 104-114-HAZ
WC230 Carbon 104-174-HAZ
WC600 Carbon 104-176-HAZ


For more information about extended warranties/coverage, please click here to contact us.


NOTE: Spectrometer PMA kits do not include travel or expenses.
Please contact LECO Service for a price estimate

Instrument Part Number
GDS500 Standard 104-140
GDS500 Extended 104-141
GDS850 Standard 104-142
GDS850 Extended 104-143