Remote Diagnostics

LECO's convenient internet-based SmartLine® Remote Diagnostics system provides you with our fastest service solution yet for getting the answers you need—saving you time and money.

Why SmartLine?
Smartline-logoSmartLine provides you with an on-line support connection between your instrument and LECO's Global Support Center, allowing trained service specialists to remotely operate your instrument as if they were right there with you—allowing you to maximize productivity by reducing on-site service calls. LECO service specialists can quickly perform basic diagnostic tests on your instrument, putting us on the same page as you—creating a better flow of communication for quicker, targeted solutions.

Call our Global Support Center at 269-985-5497 today for your free HSI-based SmartLine demonstration, or view more information by clicking on these links: SmartLine Brochure or SmartLine Testimonials.

SmartLine is available worldwide and is designed to work with LECO Windows®-based instruments.

For more information or to order SmartLine Remote Diagnostics please call (269) 985-5497 or click here.


*LECO's normal working hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Additional sessions outside normal business hours can also be scheduled by appointment.