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NEW Synthetic Carbon Standards

Part No. Description %C
502-630 Synthetic Carbon Standard 0.5
502-632 Synthetic Carbon Standard 0.13


NEW Ore Standard

Part No. Description % C % S
502-635 Hard Rock Ore/Mine Waste 0.55% 45.0%


NEW Iron Powders

Part No. Description Qty. ppm
501-999 Iron Powder 150 g 3500-4000 80-150


NEW Pin Standards

Part No. Description Qty. ppm
502-457 1 g Steel Pin 100 35-100 400-900 0.5-2


NEW Accessories

Part No. Description Size
625-510-618 Work Station Bolt Cutter -
625-510-619 Tubing Hand Cutter .0375-1.125" Ø



Grind and polish your most challenging samples with the new Fastick system, a cost-effective alternative to magnetic disc systems. The core of Fastick is a PSA Base disc with pressure-sensitive adhesive on its underside and a glossy top surface designed to cling to a variety of surfaces.

Fastick™ System Brochure

Application Note: Fastick™ System with SiC Grinding (-461)

Application Note: Fastick™ System with CAMEO Grinding (-460)

New Metallographic Consumables Catalogs Now Available!


New Organic Consumables Catalogs Now Available!

New QAR Anthracite Coal CRMs
LECO added two new QAR (Quality Assurance Resources, LLC) Anthracite Coal Certified Reference Material (CRM) products to our existing catalog of QAR Coal CRM offerings. QAR Coal CRM certificate values and uncertainties are confirmed and validated by the Quality Associates International, LTD (Canada) Proficiency Testing program (CANSPEX-™), which includes up to 132 coal testing laboratories from around the world.

In addition to total sulfur, ash, mercury, hydrogen, and nitrogen, the CRMs also have certified values for the following parameters: chlorine, fluorine, selenium, and FSI. Informational values for carbon, volatile, and BTU are also provided within the certificate.

  502-845 QAR CRM 10 502-846 QAR CRM 11
Ash (%)  8.0 12.2 
Carbon (%)*  87.3 81.9 
Hydrogen (%)  1.8 2.4 
Nitrogen (%)  0.88 1.05 
Total Sulfur (%)  0.67 0.70 
Mercury (ppb)  169 11 

* Informational value


New Standards Now Available
LECO has added a -100 mesh Ultra High Purity Graphite Powder and a Fly Ash Carbon Concentrate material to the existing standard offerings. The -100 mesh UHP Graphite Powder, with a certificate value (lot 1000) of 100% (+/- 0.3%), is ideal for calibrating SC organic combustion instruments for coal, coke, graphite, carbon black, or other high carbon applications. The 502-843 Fly Ash Carbon Concentrate standard is a unique co-product material of a fly ash beneficiation process resulting in a material containing a mid-level carbon composition (~42%) with sulfur and mercury values typical of a fly ash material also on the certificate.

Part No. Description %
% H % N %
ppm Hg
502-634 LECO -100 mesh UHP graphite powder,
100 - - - -
502-843 Fly Ash Carbon Concentrate
42.4 - - 0.29 0.827



Download an updated listing of available consumables, updated reference guides, and helpful tips. Download the (PDF) catalog of your choice below, or request a hard copy. 

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Met Supplies Catalog
Organic Supplies Catalog*



*Organic Supplies Catalog updated 6/5/13