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Featured Reference Materials

Part No. Description
Lot 0300
Titanium Pins (0.12 g)
0.0090% C, 0.3070% O, 0.0060% N, 17.3 ppm H
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 1029
Tungsten Carbide Powder
6.26% C
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 0739-1
Titanium Pins (0.12 g)
0.0224% C, 0.1380% O, 0.012% N, 25.4 ppm H*
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 0676
Steel Pins (1.0 g)
0.0535% C, 0.0154% S, 0.0366% O, 0.0023% N,
2.1 ppm H*
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 1395
Steel Rings (1.0 g)
0.193% C, 0.0217% S
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 1032
Cast Iron Powder
3.33% C, 0.043% S
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 1378
Steel Rings (1.0 g)
0.390% C, 0.0092% S
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 0730
Steel Pins (5.0 g)
7.24 ppm H
ISO 17025, ISO G34
Lot 1034
Steel Pins (1.0 g)
0.0019% C, 0.0009% S, 0.0018% O,
0.0002% N, 1.2 ppm H
ISO 17025, ISO G34, CRM


*Information Only Value, Not Certified
LCRM = LECO CRM, and is a registered trademark of LECO Corporation.

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Fastick™ Polishing Cloth System

Grind and polish your most challenging samples with the new Fastick system, a cost-effective alternative to magnetic disc systems. The core of Fastick is a PSA Base disc with pressure-sensitive adhesive on its underside and a glossy top surface designed to cling to a variety of surfaces.

Fastick™ System Brochure

Application Note: Fastick™ System with SiC Grinding (-461)

Application Note: Fastick™ System with CAMEO Grinding (-460)


A cost-effective alternative to the magnetic disc systems often used for grinding and polishing.

LECOSET® 7008 Mounting Supplies 

We've added a new product to our Metallography consumable lineup—one that will make the mounting of your samples more efficient and precise. LECOSET 7008 was designed specifically to reduce shrinking and when cured in a pressure vessel will produce nearly transparent results. The LECOSET 7008 is meant to act as a improved replacement to the LECOSET 7007* with a "less yellow" mount to provide higher quality results.

Part No. Description
813-115-HAZ LECOSET 7008 Medium Kit
Includes: one 813-099 Powder (2.2 lb./1 kg);
one 813-113-HAZ Liquid (16.9 oz./500 ml)
813-116-HAZ LECOSET 7008 Large Kit
Includes: two 813-099 Powder (2.2 lb./1 kg);
one 813-114-HAZ Liquid (33.8 oz./1000 ml)

*Please note that LECOSET 7008 liquid/hardener cannot be used in combination with LECOSET 7007 powder/resin materials.


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NEW Oil Calibration Materials

LECO has added a suite of new residual and white oil calibration material products. The oil calibration consumables exhibit a wide range of sulfur certificate values from ~0.25 to 5%. In addition, one of the residual fuel oil calibration products (502-850), provides certificate values for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and the gross calorific value. These oil calibration materials are traceable to national or international certified reference materials.

Part No. Description
Qty: 100 ml
Residual Fuel Oil
~0.25% Sulfur
Qty: 100 ml
Residual Fuel Oil
~1% Sulfur
Qty: 100 ml
Residual Fuel Oil
~3% S, ~86% C, ~10% H, ~0.3% N, ~18300 BTU/lb.
Qty: 100 ml
White Mineral Oil
~0.01% Sulfur
Qty: 100 ml
White Mineral Oil
~0.1% Sulfur
Qty: 100 ml
White Mineral Oil
~1% Sulfur
Qty: 100 ml
White Mineral Oil
~5% Sulfur


ISO Guide 34 Organic Reference Materials

LECO was recently re-accredited to ISO Guide 34 with a scope expansion to include organic reference materials. These reference materials will include an expiration date (when appropriate), from date of release on the certificate per ISO Guide 31 recommendations. 

Newest ISO Guide 34 Organic Reference Materials

Part No. Description % C % H    % N % S
(25 g)
72.50 6.09 6.45 7.51
Lot: 1017
(65 g)
0.926 0.36 0.092 0.016



New QAR Anthracite Coal CRMs

LECO added two new QAR (Quality Assurance Resources, LLC) Anthracite Coal Certified Reference Material (CRM) products to our existing catalog of QAR Coal CRM offerings. QAR Coal CRM certificate values and uncertainties are confirmed and validated by the Quality Associates International, LTD (Canada) Proficiency Testing program (CANSPEX-™), which includes up to 132 coal testing laboratories from around the world.

In addition to total sulfur, ash, mercury, hydrogen, and nitrogen, the CRMs also have certified values for the following parameters: chlorine, fluorine, selenium, and FSI. Informational values for carbon, volatile, and BTU are also provided within the certificate.

  502-845 QAR CRM 10 502-846 QAR CRM 11
Ash (%)  8.0 12.2 
Carbon (%)*  87.3 81.9 
Hydrogen (%)  1.8 2.4 
Nitrogen (%)  0.88 1.05 
Total Sulfur (%)  0.67 0.70 
Mercury (ppb)  169 11 

* Informational value


Consumable Packs
Purchasing the highest quality consumables at the most affordable price is the fundamental goal of all instrumentation users. In addition, it is very important to maintain the proper inventory of consumables for your annual usage in order to prevent instrument downtime caused by not having required consumables.

Our 5K Consumable Packs contain all of the necessary consumables to perform 5000 analyses, as well as some routine maintenance parts (such as reagent tubes, furnace tubes, and required o-rings), on the 628 Series, FP528, 144 Series, or TruMac instrument models. These packages are priced to offer a 20% savings over ordering consumables and maintenance parts individually.

Our 1K Consumable Packs contain all the necessary consumables to perform 1000 analyses on the 628 Series, or TruMac instrument models. These packages are priced to offer a 10% savings over ordering consumables individually.

Click here to see available packages. 
Contact LECO at 800-292-6141 for more detailed information.

NEW Organic Consumables Catalogs Now Available!




Download an updated listing of available consumables, updated reference guides, and helpful tips. Download the (PDF) catalog of your choice below, or request a hard copy. 

Inorganic Supplies CatalogMet 2014
Met Supplies Catalog
Organic Supplies Catalog

*Organic Supplies Catalog updated 11/18/2014

*Inorganic Supplies Catalog updated 5/20/2014

*Met Supplies Catalog updated 6/5/2014