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Determine Moisture in Iron Ores with TGM800

Mass Accuracy with Chemical Ionization

Comparing Detectability: Thermally Modulated GCxGC vs 1D-GC

Classification Regions: A Tool for Streamlining the Interpretation of Complex GCxGC Data

GCxGC Utilizing a Consumable-Free Modulator and Second Column Modulation

Exceeding Requirements for Standard Environmental Methods using GC-TOFMS

The Ultimate Untargeted Technique

Metabolomics is particularly challenging for the separation science community, demanding application of high-end iterations of various techniques. LECO, in collaboration with The Analytical Scientist, explore non-targeted analyses in this complex field.

Aerosol Analytics with Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen

Dr. Ralf Löscher, Vice President of LECO Europe, discusses using GCxGC and high-resolution mass spectrometry for the analysis of aerosol samples are highlighted. Combining both methods allows the separation and identification of a larger number of individual substances and much improved description of environmental aerosols.

Profiling the ester aroma of fruity beers using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography: a comparison of flow and cryogenic modulators

Comparing Beer Aroma Profiles with GCxGC-TOFMS

Investigation of the similarities and differences of two beer aroma profiles using comprehensive gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

DFTPP and BFB Mass Spectral Ion Abundance Criteria

The Power of GC-TOFMS

Encoded Frequent Pushing with High-Resolution TOF-MS

Benefits of GCxGC for a Routine Laboratory

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) has proven to be an accurate, precise, and robust analytical technique, providing key benefits that can reduce analysis time, improve peak identification, and boost confidence in results. Research shows GCxGC advantages across many applications. With these performance enhancements now validated in routine methods, could adopting GCxGC significantly improve your laboratory workflows and data quality?

Benefits of Equipping your lab with a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

GC-TOFMS Benefits White Paper; 209-281-002

FLUX GCxGC: Operation, Use, Concepts

Mass Spectrometry: From Michigan to Manchester

Non-targeted analysis, data science and innovation have synchronised to underpin the next generation of separation science analysis in mass spectrometry. LECO UK’s Separations Science Product Specialist Alan Griffiths explains.

Metabolomics Questions with Ralf Loscher

Following the recent 15th Annual Conference of the Metabolomic Society in the Hague, Dr Ralf Löscher, Vice President of LECO Europe, answers questions concerning LECO's role as a leader in GC-MS metabolomics, with Separation Science.

Replacing LECO Pegasus HT with Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS

Jan Hazebroek, PhD., from Corteva Agriscience, discusses the impacts and benefits that the Pegasus BT had in their laboratory's high-throughput metabolomics research.

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