LS3UK // LECO Separation Science Symposium UK 2019

Interesting talks, excellent speakers, great conversations and discussions, stunning food and an amazing venue all lead to a great LS3UK in Manchester on 29 – 30 October. At this occasion, we also announced the winners of our Poster Competition. Congratulations to our Rachel Hand of De Montfort University / The Open University and to our runner-up […]

Uncured Epoxy

When overnight isn’t long enough for your long cure epoxy mount to cure, what can you do to fix the problems? Tips and tricks for curing epoxy mounts

Radial Cracks

Cracks in a mount are NEVER a welcome sight, but there are some tricks to preventing their formation in the first place.

Broken Blades

How can you prevent abrasive cut-off wheels from breaking mid-cut? Here, we outline the most frequent causes of a broken blade and how to fix them.

E-Food Lab International – Interview With Ralf Löscher

Ralf Löscher speaks about the latest technologies, as well as many years experience LECO has in the field of TOFMS instrumentation. The special focus of this interview refers to the food industry and the special benefits LECO offers to this market. “In the field of chromatographic separation science technology, LECO offers GC coupled to time-of-flight […]

The MX400: A Next Generation of Mounting Press

The MX400: A Next Generation of Mounting Press

As the newest mounting press to enter LECO’s lineup of metallographic instrumentation, the MX400 will streamline sample preparation with its exceptional ease-of-use and dual mount capability in a fully automated solution.

Optimized Combustion for lower-level Nitrogen Samples in Foods

Optimized Combustion for lower-level Nitrogen Samples in Foods

Nitrogen content in food materials is necessary to measure when determining the total protein content. Performing this measurement using classical “wet chemistry” can be slow and tedious. The combustion-based Dumas method significantly increases laboratory productivity; when the sample has a low-level of nitrogen, however, it poses unique challenges.

Hardness Tester Verification for ASTM

We routinely get questions about how often hardness testers need to be verified with test blocks by users. ASTM provides guidance in E 18 (Rockwell) and E 92 (Vickers and Knoop), Table A1.1, but the two standards use different terminology and have different requirements. Learn about them here!

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