Instrument Support

Being pushed to do more with less everyday can leave your laboratory stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. We understand your challenges and know how valuable your time is. Since 1936, millions of samples worldwide have been analyzed using LECO instruments for elemental analysis, thermal analysis, metallography, and mass spectrometry. From training to tech support, our responsive team of experts is ready to help you improve productivity and achieve success in laboratory.

At any point during the life of your LECO Instrument, please contact us for support or guidance.

Can a LECO instrument analyze my sample?

Every laboratory is unique with individual needs and challenges. We have a dedicated team of applications chemists available to help test your samples to ensure proper machine configuration and evaluation.

Our application notes library has a wide variety of examples of the robust work that LECO instruments handle every day.
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If you don’t find an applicable application note, our Application Chemists may be able to help assess your sample, helping you to create the perfect methods for your laboratory needs.
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How do I make my instrument perform a task?

Instrument training is vital to instrument success. LECO service engineers will provide you laboratory technicians with initial training after installation, but we understand it might not be enough. We offer additional training options to ensure maximum familiarity with our instruments.

In-person and virtual training options are available around the globe to familiarize you with LECO instruments. In these multi-day sessions, you will meet with LECO experts and get hands-on-training.
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LECOLearn offers free online training resources for LECO mass spectrometry instruments. Courses and helpful videos cover a variety of topics that let you learn your new instrument on your own schedule.
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What does my instrument need to properly function?

Reliable consumables keep your instruments running smoothly. LECO offers consumables for your instruments.

Unsure what consumables your instrument needs? Our reference cards provide lists of specific consumables and replacement parts.
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Update software and developed methods to keep your instruments running smoothly.
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Consumable catalogs provide detail of the consumables and replacement parts for LECO instrument lines.
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Why is my instrument not working?

We try our best to ensure your instrument experiences the least amount of downtime possible. Through user-serviceable designs, we offer replacement parts that you can easily install. If you can’t get it alone, we offer remote diagnostics through our SmartLine interface. Many issues can be repaired this way.

For those that can’t, we have a dedicated global team of support technicians who can come to your laboratory to make on-site repairs.
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