928 Series 928 series

Carbon/Nitrogen Protein Analysis by Combustion

By incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and an on-board touch-screen software platform, the 928 Series allows you to easily handle the most demanding sample applications. The core capabilities and performance of previous generations of LECO macro combustion instruments have been maintained, while key improvements have been made in throughput, uptime, and reliability. Macro sample mass ability (up to 3 grams for Nitrogen/Protein model regardless of sample carbon content) with rapid cycle times and a resulting low cost-per-analysis make the 928 Series ideal for analysis of characteristically heterogeneous, difficult to prepare, or low analyte level samples.

Cornerstone Mobile remote software keeps the user updated from their smartphone on the instrument’s analysis batch progress, performance, and status while away.



Maximize lab efficiency and productivity with unmatched sample throughput coupled with superior instrument uptime.

  • Rapid cycle time of 5 minutescn 928 hl sm
  • Extended reagent lifetimes, including a reduction reagent tube lifetime of over 4,000 samples
  • 100-sample position autoloader for sequential and non-sequential analysis

Rugged design resulting in unparalleled versatility for the most demanding applications

  • Horizontal ceramic furnace with an exclusive trumac boats hl sm 1oxygen environment ensures the complete oxidation of macro samples with maximum temperatures up to 1450 °C
  • Large, open, and reusable ceramic sample boats facilitate the handling and combustion of macro samples (mass up to 3 grams)
  • Sample ash retained in boat for post-analysis removal eliminating furnace tube maintenance
  • Thermal conductivity cell supports the flexibility of using either helium or argon as a carrier gas without a hardware change

Low operating cost

  • Reagent free, high-efficiency furnace with intelligent 928 series Comb Tube sm control optimizes furnace reliability by extending the heating element and ceramic lifetime
  • Thermoelectric cooler eliminates the use of chemical desiccant reagents for the removal of combustion gas moisture
  • Combustion gas aliquot system provides an extended and consistent reagent lifetime regardless of sample mass, matrix, or carbon content, including a 4000 sample reduction tube reagent lifetime
  • Dual loop aliquot doser provides the flexibility to optimize methods based upon sample element concentration (low/high), or analysis cost and uptime


Operator Centered Design

  • Boom-mounted touch-screen user interface with cn 928 front door open sm Copysix-axis adjustment promotes an ergonomic workspace and optimized workflow while reducing system bench space requirements; instrument side panel provides access to powerful software diagnostic, troubleshooting, and control features
  • Open access to all reagent tubes and common maintenance areas with quick-release features speeds up and simplifies preventive maintenance routines, ensuring a robust and reliable instrument with superior uptime

Intuitive Cornerstone Software

LECO’s exclusive Cornerstone brand software enables the user tocn 928 scr sm have complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more in a highly organized and immersive environment. Cornerstone allows the user to conduct all of their day-to-day operations within a single Analysis screen designed for speed and ease-of-use. Our innovative grouping of sample data simplifies data output and automatically calculates relevant statistics



Available in various models, the 928 Series can be utilized for your most challenging applications and is compliant with ISO, AOAC, AACC, AOCS, and ASBC approved methods off analysis.

FP928 - Nitrogen/Protein

From unprocessed materials to final consumer-ready products, the FP928 determines nitrogen/protein in organic materials using a sample mass up to 3 grams.

  • Meat
  • Feeds
  • Petfood
  • Milled Products


Quickly and easily analyze carbon and nitrogen in your most difficult-to-prepare or high-ash environmental and agricultural samples.

  • Soil
  • Plant Tissue