Cataloging Success

For decades, LECO’s supply catalogs have gone hand-in-hand with the instruments they support. With everything from consumables to accessories to spare parts, the catalogs are key additions to a LECO laboratory. The newest catalog updates for our analytical products have reformatted these workhorses to make them even more useful than ever before.

Inorganic Catalog PageInstead of pages of tables of part numbers, the catalogs now break down each instrument in full-color exploded views. You can tell at a glance exactly what part is in your instrument and where it needs to go to make identification and replacement a breeze. Part quantities and optional parts are clearly delineated, and consumables are depicted as they are used.

LECO consumables are all designed or sourced to be the highest quality for the instruments you use. You depend on LECO’s instruments to provide the results you need; depend on LECO’s consumables so you can continue analyzing your samples and getting results you can count on.

We are also introducing a new Reference Materials and Standards catalog! This catalog will be updated on a monthly basis and contains all of our Reference Materials that are either in stock or have limited stock (less than 10 units) available to order.

For customers in the USA, LECODirect is available for easy online ordering. Order history and stock quantities makes keeping up with your instruments a breeze, with international standards and reference cards available at a click. For our international customers, orders can be placed via email, phone call, fax, or mail. Contact information is available both in the catalog and on our website.

If you want to make sure you have the latest supplies or reference catalog at hand, request your copy today!