Measured Science

Join host Andrew Storey in this podcast as he explores the fascinating world of chemistry and the work facilitated by LECO’s analytical instruments.

Hope for the Future

14 November 2023

Hosts Andrew Storey and Mason Marsh interview Dr. Jason Streubel, Senior Director of the Center for Agriculture & Food Security for the Convoy of Hope. A…Listen to this episode

Take Flight with Nick Jones

14 November 2023

Nick Jones, LECOs newly promoted Global Application and Development Director (Separation Sciences) calls in from Germany to discuss Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry with host Andrew Storey.…Listen to this episode

Interview with David Coulston

14 November 2023

In the inaugural episode of “Measured Science,” hosts Andrew Storey, LECO Field Sales Specialist for Materials Analysis, and Matt Germscheid, LECO Metallographic Product Manager, interview recent LECO retiree…Listen to this episode