LECO Solutions for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Your TOC Analysis Has Never Been Easier With LECO’s Solutions

Carbon is an essential building block of life on our planet. The amount of Carbon present is an important factor in soils and agriculture samples.

The determination of TOC in solids has recently become ever more important, not just for evaluating wastes but TOC content measurements are also an important aspect of assessing soils.

The Carbon present in soil organic matter is referred to as organic Carbon. Soil organic Carbon is a vital component of productive agriculture. In addition sequestration of Carbon in agricultural soils has been recognised as a tool to mitigate climate change.

LECO provides innovative and timesaving analytical instrumentation for the analysis of organic Carbon content.

Specific Advantages include
  • Market leading analytical performance
  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Robust & reliable instrumentation
  • Unsurpassed instrument flexibility
  • Adhering to all the current standards, such as ISO 10694, BS EN 17505 and EN 15936

Instrument Portfolio for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

744 Sulfur and Carbon Combustion Analyzer
744 Series

Combustion Analysis for Carbon and Sulfur

RC612 Multiphase quantifier

Multiphase Determination of Carbon and Water

832 Series Combustion Analyzer
832 Series

Combustion analysis for Sulfur and Carbon determination

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Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Application Notes

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744 Series


832 Series