Used & Demo Instruments

Updated for November 2021

Find the high-quality products you expect from LECO at a significant savings with our used and demo equipment. Choose from a selection of current- and previous-generation instruments, available directly from LECO. If you don’t see the product you need, be sure to check this page again, as our inventory is updated frequently.

Inventory is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so contact your local sales engineer or complete the contact form today to purchase used or demo equipment. Click here for our contact form.


Instrument Options Condition
CHN628 (622-000-000-RFB)   Good


Instrument Options Condition
Chiller (633-103-090) Julabo Chiller New
Power Purifier (621-376-RFB) Power Purifier Excellent
WC600 (618-100-700) Complete Like New


Instrument Options Condition
Dust Collector (808-215-115G) 115V New
MSX350A1 DA w/Y-Tbl 460V Excellent
*Demo equipment


Inventory Reduction & Demo Specials
AMH551AVANDCMI – AMH55 Package 
with LM110AT Microhardness Tester/10-1000GF/230V
BX51TRTBDDC – BX51* w/TRINOC, POL-DIC, 5-100X BF/DF OBJ $19,790.00
GX41RBT TRINOC/5-50X BF OBJ/POL $7,960.00
Two available
LCR500 Load Cell Rockwell Tester (863-396) $14,570.00
LR110RD/LR110 Digital Rockwell Scale Only Tester (863-790-291) $9,450.00
LR310TD Rockwell & Superficial Scales capable Rockwell Tester (863-790-293) $8,305.00
Omni Macro Digital Microscope (863-785-302)  $10,045.00
Two available
SZX10STD w/TRINOC/1X OBJ/6.3-63X ZOOM $9,460.00
SZ61 w/.67-4.5X ZOOM RATIO (NO TRINOC) (863-887) $2,052.00
SZ61 w/Built-in C-Mount and 10X Eyepieces* (Part #863-888) $2,720.50
VX4 (LED/POL/5-50X BF OBJECTIVES) (863-777-150) $6,705.00
List of additional used Optical Equipment
Red Text  = Reduced Price 

Mass Spectrometry/Spectroscopy

Instrument Options Condition
GDS850A (607-300-800-RFB) DC 4mm/RF Capable
Does not have chiller (for RF use);
no methods or standards included
Very Good
Pegasus 4DC (614-600-500-RFB) L-PAL3-LIQ Excellent

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