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203-821-681 Analysis of Phytosanitary Products in Surface Water and Groundwater Using GCxGC-TOFMS

203-821-689 Expand Your PFAS Analysis – Screen for Targets and Identify Unknowns Simultaneously

Pegasus BTX Application Note - PFAS

209-200-178 Identifying a Targeted Disinfection Byproduct in Wildfire Ash Water Extract by GC-TOFMS

Wildfires increase the risk of negative chemical reactions with municipal water treatment processes.

203-821-679 Determination of Total Organic Carbon in Soil, Rock, and Shale by Acid Digestion and Combustion

209-281-010 TGA TS-TVS in Wastewater and Sewage Sludge White Paper

203-821-619 Determination of Pesticides in Tomato by GCxGC-TOFMS

203-821-531 Discovery of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Broccoli with GC-TOFMS

203-821-625 Nitrogen in Fertilizers using FP828

203-821-615 Nitrogen in Fertilizer using CN-FP928

203-821-665 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Biomass using CHN828

203-821-472 Carbon in Refractory and Reactive Metals using C844

203-821-629 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Coke using CHN828

203-821-616 Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen in Coal using CHN828

203-821-437 CN in Soil and Plant Tissue using TruMac

203-821-394 Nitrogen in Soil and Plant Tissue using TruMac

203-821-442 Carbon Nitrogen in Soil and Plant Tissue using CN628

203-821-568 Sulfur Carbon in Flour and Plant Tissue using SC832

203-821-539 CNS in Plant Tissue using TruMac

203-821-505 Nitrogen in Flour using TruMac

203-821-592 Carbon-Nitrogen-Sulfur in Plant Tissue using CNS928