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203-821-690 Determination of Carbon and Sulfur in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Materials

203-821-675 Compositional Depth Profile Analysis of Galvanized Steel

203-821-572 Bulk Analysis of Cast Iron

Atomic Emission Spectroscopy can determine elemental content of solid conductive materials. The GDS900 is designed to analyze ferrous and nonferrous metals, including cast iron.

203-821-494 Sulfur in Coal and Coke using S832

203-821-488 Oxygen in Lead and Lead Alloys using TC600

203-821-663 Hydrogen in Steel and Iron using H836EN

203-821-596 GDS900 High-Speed and Cold-Working Steel

203-821-589 GDS900 Steel Immersion Sampling Probe

203-821-676 Determination of Moisture and Ash in Graphite

Graphite is a common, stable form of carbon, common in daily life and popular in electronics manufacturing. Thermogravimetric analysis can help determine purity of graphite samples.

203-821-657 Hydrogen Reactive-Refractory Metals using H836EN

203-821-456 Hydrogen Reactive-Refractory Metals using H836

203-821-646 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Ferroalloys using ON836

203-821-652 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Ferroalloys using ON736

203-821-323 Cement Clinker Analysis

203-821-427 Refractory Metals using ONH836

203-821-362 Oxygen in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys using TC500

203-821-276 Oxygen and Hydrogen in Copper and Copper Alloys using TCH600-ROH600

203-821-361 Oxygen in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys using TC400

203-821-267 Oxygen and Hydrogen in Refractory Metals using TCH600

203-821-187 Oxygen and Nitrogen in Steel, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys using TC500