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203-821-662 A Comprehensive GC-TOFMS Metabolomics Workflow

Early Type 2 Diabetes prediction can be facilitated by the implementation of a metabolomics method for the identification of T2DM biomarkers. A complete automated derivatization workflow is explored.

203-821-551 Using High Performance GC-TOFMS to Effectively Monitor Patients for Opioids and other Drug Classes

203-821-643 Deadly Counterfeit Pills: Untargeted Analysis of Fentanyl-Laced Drugs

203-821-617 Cannabis Analysis: Hemp Potency Determination

203-821-614 Determination of Moisture in Cannabis

203-821-558 Cannabis Terpene Profiles Pegasus BT4D

203-821-561 Introduction to Simply GCxGC

An Online Guide for Optimizing Comprehensive Two Dimensional GC Separations

203-821-557 Analysis of Smoker and Non-Smoker Urine Using the Pegasus BT4D

Urine is a favored biological fluid for medical testing since it is easy to obtain in large quantities and provides a window into an individual's exposure, diet, and general health. Comprehensive GCxGC-TOFMS data can be used to visually differentiate smoker and non-smoker urine standard reference materials.

203-821-487 Spice Wars – Are You Battle Ready? Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids Using an HR-CI Source Operated in EI and CI Modes

203-821-569 StayClean Ion Source Stability

203-821-528 Barbiturates Urine Pegasus BT

Rapid Screening Analysis for Barbiturates in Human Urine by GC-TOFMS

203-821-504 Quantitative Analysis of y-Hydroxybutyrate in Hair using Target Analyte Finding Processing of Comprehensive GC-HRT Data

203-821-503 How Comprehensive is Your Analysis? Human Molecular Profiling Using High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

203-821-481 Characterization of Green Leaf Tobacco Extracts Using GC-HRT

203-821-478 Unambiguous Pesticide Identification in Cigarette Tobacco

203-821-435 Comprehensive Analysis of Drug Residues from a Confiscated Pipe: GC-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry with Chemical Ionization to Facilitate Unknown Identification