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Cannabis Potency Testing and Terpene Profiling using GCxGC TOF-MS

Dave Alonso explores GCxGC TOFMS analysis of cannabis samples for understanding of terpene and cannabinoids among cannabis cultivars.

Characterization of Beverage Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD) by GCxGC TOF-MS

Liz Humston-Fulmer [LECO] utilized GCxGC TOF-MS technologies to understand the chemical composition of CBD-infused beverages.

Selectivity: When, Where, And How To Use It!

Dr. Diane Turner (Senior Consultant & Director, Anthias Consulting Ltd.) covers techniques for sample analysis, selectivity in choosing the right technical setup (column choice, inlet parameters etc.), and also data analysis optimisation.

Simply GCxGC

Lorne Fell [LECO] briefly discusses comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, and demonstrates how to establish GCxGC methods utilizing the Simply GCxGC software.

Flow Modulation: A Simple Approach to Resolving Complex Mixtures

John Seeley [Oakland University] discusses various modulation technique for sample introduction into GCxGC columns.

Tracking Shelf Life Stability of Beer

Liz Humston-Fulmer [LECO] discusses how GC-MS can isolate analyte differences among aging beer samples.

Analyzing Light Crude Oil and High Boilers with GCxGC

Thomas Groger [University of Rostock] discusses the benefits that GCxGC provided their laboratory with the study of crude oils, bitumen, and various high boilers (solvents added to slow evaporation rates).

Single Substrate Analysis with GCxGC TOF-MS

"Better, Greener, Faster" Webinar presented by Bob Nelson and Chris Reddy, from the Woods Hole Oceanic Institution, September 2017.

GCxGC Made Simple, with Simply GCxGC

Mark Merrick [LECO] overviews comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, and introduces Simply GCxGC, a comprehensive 2D gas chromatography method optimization online tool.

Tracking Chemical Changes in Aging Beer

Liz Humston-Fulmer [LECO] discusses how the Pegasus BT (with L-PAL3 Autosampler) identifies analyte changes due to aging of commercially available IPA beer.

Exceeding Standard Environmental Method Requirements with GC-TOFMS

Jonathan Byer [LECO] discusses targeted and non-targeted analysis processes, comparing findings against Environmental Protection Agency standardized methods.

Battling Fuel Fraud to Achieve ASTM D5769

Christina Kelly [LECO] explores how gas chromatography techniques can be utilized to identify fuel fraud - tax evasive behaviors utilizing gasoline-based fuels - and how LECO instruments perform against ASTM D5769 (standard test method for determination of benzene, toluene, and total aromatics in finished gasolines).

Webinar: Chemical Composition on Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater

Dramatically Increase Information Content in Metabolomics Studies

This webinar was hosted by CompareNetworks

Flavor and Off-Flavor Analysis related to Packaging Issues

Ray Marsili [Marsili Consulting Group] explores how food packaging can impact flavors of products through leaching and other contamination means.

Advanced Instrument Development and Applications for Harsh Environments

Mark Libardoni, from the Southwest Research Institute, discusses the plausibility of ultra-micro GCxGC instruments for the ability to send analytic systems into space or other extreme environments. Also included in this video: Robert Synovec [University of Washington] presents "Increasing Peak Capacity Production for GCxGC TOF-MS" [start time: 27:20].

Comprehensive Characterization of Environmental Samples

Peter Haglund [Umeå University] explores two-dimensional gas chromatography techniques in various environmental samples, including house dust, garbage dump leachate, biota (flora and fauna of a given region), and municipal sewage treatment plants.

Theory and History of GCxGC

John Dimandja [Spelman College] discusses the theory and history of comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography with easy-to-understand examples.

Dioxin Analysis: Uncovering Pollutants Ignored by Targeted Analyses

Peter Gorst-Allman [LECO] discusses the usage of GCxGC TOF-MS (with the Pegasus BT 4D) to analyze dioxins in samples, in accordance to EPA 1613.

High Resolution GCMS Applications in Metabolomics

Vladimir Tolstikov, PhD, from Eli Lilly discusses utilizing High-Resolution Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics analyses.