LECO Resources for Nitrogen Analysis

7 14.007 N Nitrogen Nonmetal

Nitrogen Analysis Instrument Options

736 Series Inert Gas Fusion Analyzer
736 Series

Inert Gas Fusion analysis of Oxygen and Nitrogen

828 Series Combustion Analyzer
828 Series

Macro Combustion Analysis for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Protein Determinator

836 Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Analyzer
836 Series

Elemental Analysis for Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen Detection

928 Macro Combustion Analyzer
928 Series

Marco Determination through Combustion

TruSpec detector for micro analysis
TruSpec Micro


Nitrogen Analysis Application Notes

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Nitrogen News or Stories

17 May 2024 Growth Expected for Cultivated Meat Market Despite State Bans

Regardless of what kind of diet you follow, it’s likely that you’re aware of the importance of consuming protein. Protein is an essential macronutrient that is responsible for the growth and repair of muscles and bones, as well as the creation of some hormones and enzymes. It is also an excellent source of energy. Foods […]

6 December 2023 Carbon & Nitrogen: The Key to Growing & Maintaining Quality Crops

  A web of factors contributes to a good crop, but the importance of carbon and nitrogen cannot be overstated. From soil to fertilizer to the plant matter itself, the mix of carbon and nitrogen play significant roles in the development and growth of the plant. Knowing the carbon and nitrogen levels in every aspect […]

3 March 2023 Determining the Strength of Coal

Despite a growing call for renewable energy sources, the market for coal has remained strong. Determine the strength of your coal with LECO’s CHN828.

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