Calming Crude Oil with the CHN828

LECO CHN828 can determine impurities in oil refining processThe price of crude oil is one of the great drivers of our economy. At a minimum, the price of all goods includes costs of transporting them from manufacturer to consumer. But the price of crude oil and other oil materials can feel fickle, increasing and decreasing with supply or demand or even just market sentiment. Natural disasters or humanitarian crises can drastically impact availability or demand, sending prices hurtling skyward or crashing down. No refinery can control the entire market. All a refinery can do is operate their facilities in the most efficient and optimized manner. Doing that, however, requires an accurate way to monitor their process.

LECO’s CHN828 is a combustion carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen determinator that uses a pure oxygen environment in a vertical quartz furnace, ensuring complete combustion and a superior analyte recovery. This is essential for accurately analyzing petrochemical samples to precisely characterize their composition. Determining the carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen results can enable refinery operators to calculate refining efficiency and yields to maintain their expected production levels.

CHN828 Combustion AnalyzerWith the world seemingly changing at the drop of a hat these days from the global pandemic suppressing demand to uncharacteristic winter storms freezing pipes in Texas to wars and conflicts abroad, external control and even, to a degree, future predictions are all but impossible. The CHN828 can bring control over the internal factors, enabling fast, five-minute analyses for real-time quality control and process monitoring.

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