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MX400/MX500 Series Mounting Press: Automated Compression Mounting systems

Our new fully-automatic mounting presses, the MX400 and MX500, are your solutions for faster, more sophisticated mounting. The MX400 and MX500 boasts a slim, 8-inch wide profile to maximize lab space. A touch-screen display provides easy, user-friendly operation.


  • Novel solid steel crossbar closure design is durable, easy to clean, avoids jamming, and allows for quick, one-handed operation
  • Intuitive swipe-and-touch user interface makes it easy for you to select heating, cooling, and pressure parameters
  • Create fully customizable methods or use a LECO-developed method to fit your exact needs
  • Variable modes for mounting delicate samples using all common types of mounting materials
  • Low thermal mass for rapid heating and cooling rates for superior productivity
  • Reduce mounting bottlenecks and increase throughput with full size dual mount capability in 1.25-inch, 1.50-inch, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm mold size
    • Quickly and easily switch between mold sizes with the MX500

MX400/MX500 Details

LECO MX400/MX500 Automated Compression Mounting systems
  • MX400 Mounting Press
    - Mold Sizes: 1.25-in, 1.5-in, 30mm, 40mm, or 50mm
    - 115V or 230 V

  • MX500 Mounting Press
    - Mold Sizes: 1.25-in, 1.5-in, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm
    - 115V or 230 V

  • Mounting supplies
  • Top exhaust panel
  • Mold sleeves
  • Water recirculator

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