DS20 Metallographic Grinder

DS20Hand Grinder for Metallographic Polishing

Our DS20 Hand Grinder is a cost-effective benchtop hand grinder that features a number of improvements and a simple design to streamline your grinding during sample preparation.


  • Four sloped PVC platens provide flat, non-corroding, well-drained surfaces
  • Individual clamps and guides keep paper flat
  • Built-in, continuous water flush for removal of abrasive swarf
  • Closed storage compartment keeps abrasive rolls clean and dry
  • Convenient abrasive paper rolls
  • The DS20 includes sample rolls of 240, 320, 400, and 600 grit silicon carbide abrasive
DS20 Metallurgical Grinder, Polisher, Sander
  • DS20
    • Hand Grinder
  • Convenient abrasive rolls
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