Thermal Modulator in Gas Chromatograph Oven

Thermal ModulatorQUADJET Thermal Modulator

LECO’s QUADJET thermal modulator delivers the highest performance of any available modulator for GCxGC. Other types of thermal or valve-based modulators do not match up to the ruggedness, reliability, and performance of our QUADJET system. With this GCxGC system, modulation is accomplished via a dual-stage, thermal jet modulator positioned between the two columns. The QUADJET thermal modulator allows for on-column cryo-focusing within the GCxGC system, providing increased peak detectability and increased separation of coeluting compounds.

Thermal Modulation Without the Hassle of Liquid Nitrogen

With the QUADJET consumable-free thermal modulator you can have the high performance of thermal modulation without the costs of cryogen.

Thermal Modulator for GCxGC systems
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