Close-up on variable hardness test indenters

LV SeriesMacro-Vickers Hardness Testing System

Our LV Series Macro Vickers hardness testing systems offer an affordable testing system suitable for the larger, heavier samples that are used in welding and other demanding applications. Models include analog and digital, with options to upgrade to automatic configurations based on your needs.


  • Turret accommodates up to three objectives
  • Finer-pitched focus than previous models
  • Eight steps of the wide-load range starting at 0.3kgf and going up to 50kgf
  • A variety of objectives, from 2.5X to 100X
  • Light-load Brinell testing available on the LV810 (custom load set required)
Macro Vickers Hardness Test Instruments
  • LV110 Series
      • Economical solution for low volume labs
      • Combination of micro/macro loads available
  • LV810 Series, light load Brinell testing, combination of micro/macro loads available
      • Light-load Brinell testing
      • Combination micro/macro loads available
  • Automated Hardness Testing
  • Stage Micrometers
Instrument Brochure(s)
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