Flame Ionization Detection

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QuadJet Mass Spectrometer
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Flame Ionization Detection meets GCxGC

Application Notes

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209-200-172 Dual-Detection of Plastics-Derived Pyrolysis Oil

Data from a single injection of plastics-derived pyrolysis oil using GCxGC with reverse fill-flush modulator and flow splitter is explored.

209-200-173 Reformulation of Perfume Samples with GCxGC-TOFMS/FID

Chromatograms of perfume sample obtained with use of reverse fill-flush modulator and flow splitter are analyzed

209-200-175 Simple Group-type Analyses of Aviation Fuels

Flow modulation provides high accuracy group-type analyses for traditional fuels and emerging alternatives.

209-200-174 GCxGC Coelution Data Detection with RFF Modulator

Data demonstrating how Paradigm reverse-fill flush modulator and Shift flow splitter enhance GCxGC detection accuracy in fragrance samples.

203-821-243 Diesel Compound Classification
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