GC-MS Webinars: Did you miss one?

Person using a computerWith an increase of digital content over the past two years, there has also been an increase of demands on your time. Not everyone can clear their schedules for a multi-hour or multi-day symposium of webinars. That’s why LECO maintains our webinars on-demand, so you can empower your laboratory at your own pace.

Over the last few months, LECO has hosted several GC and GCxGC talks led by experts in their fields. These webinars are available on-demand to fit your busy schedule.

Designed for Speed: A Fast-GC Forum

Switching carrier gases from helium to hydrogen can have more benefits than just cost. Using hydrogen as a carrier gas can speed up GC analyses. LECO’s experts discuss overcoming the challenges of making the switch, the analytical and business impacts of hydrogen instead of helium, and directly compare mass spectral profiles and how they compare between helium and hydrogen as carrier gases.

How can you improve your sample throughput when faced with complex matrices found in food samples?

The trend for improving sample throughput by analyzing as many analytes as possible in a single run requires highly sensitive instruments to be successful. But is it possible to have all of these multiple solutions in a single instrument? In this webinar, Tom Kovalczuk tackles this question from a food safety angle, looking at how the Pegasus® BT 4D can perform the same work as multiple quadrupole instruments for applications such as MOSH/MOAH, pesticides, and ethylene oxide in food samples.

Death, Disease, and Mummies: Science Beyond the Grave

Three GC experts tackle the spookier side of mass spectrometry in this Halloween-themed webinar. Learn how GC-MS and GCxGC-MS can be used to develop breath diagnostic tests, analyze 5,000 year old mummies, and explore the mysteries of the scent of death.