Metallographer places samples to be sanded or polished

PX SeriesAutomated Metallographic Grinding and Polishing

PX400 and PX500 grinders/polishers emphasizes ease-of-use while delivering exceptionally flat specimens to keep your metallography lab running smoothly. Designed with the latest technology, the PX Series provides an efficient, safe, reliable, and clean grinding/polishing solution through a number of innovative, user-friendly features.

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  • An intuitive touch-screen software with a variety of useful tools to simplify your grinding/polishing process.
  • A spiral bowl design with automatic bowl wash system prevents drain clogs
  • Slow indexing of the wheel after the cycle run for easy mount removal
  • Individual sample feature provides slow rotation of the holder for easy mount loading
  • More than 30 proven methods are built-in, and more can be created or downloaded
  • Models offering both fixed and individual sample methods
  • Up to five programmable metered fluid dispensers deliver consistent suspensions and extenders to meet every polishing objective
Automated metallographic grinder, polisher, sander
  • PX400A (Automated)
      • Wheel Sizes: 8-in, 10-in, 200mm, and 250mm
      • 15V (PX400A1) or 230V (PX400A2)
  • PX400S (Standard)
      • Wheel Sizes: 8-in, 10-in, 200mm, and 250mm
      • 15V (PX400S1) or 230V (PX400S2)
  • PX500A Automatic Model
    - Wheel Sizes: 10 in, 12 in, 250 mm, and 300 mm
    - 230V
      • Wheel Sizes: 10-in, 12-in, 250mm, and 350mm
      • 230V
  • Multiple dispenser configurations
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