Metallographic Instruments

When it comes to metallography, you may think a saw is a saw and a microscope is a microscope. Each step you take to prepare your sample for analysis can seem isolated from all the rest. At LECO, we see it differently.

Our start-to-finish complete metallographic solution is designed to streamline sample preparation. Whether you’re a high-throughput, busy laboratory or working on specialized, unique analyses, the LECO metallographic solution will work for you.

BG Series

Belt Grinder for Metallographic Sample Polishing

Cold Mounting

Polyester, Acrylic, and Epoxy Sample Mounts

DS20 Hand Grinder

Hand Grinder for Metallographic Polishing

IA44 Image Analysis System

Easy-to-Operate Image Capture & Storage System


Software for Automated Hardness Testing

DSX Series

Advanced Optic- and Digital-technology without traditional eyepiece

PAX-it Image Management System

Image Capture Software for Digital Microscopes

SZX Series

Stereo Microscope System for Industrial Research Applications

SZ Series

High-precision stereo microscope

GX Series

Inverted metallurgical microscope with modular design


Upright Metallurgical Microscope


Automated Compression Mounting systems

LV Series

Affordable Macro Vickers and Light-load Brinell Hardness Tester

LR/LCR Series

Automated Load Cell Rockwell Hardness Testing

LM Series

Economical Microindentation System


Load Cell Brinell Tester


Manual Grinding and Polishing System for Metallography Samples


Advanced Automated Metallography Grinding and Polishing System


Grinder/Polisher for Low- to Medium-Volume Laboratories


Efficient Benchtop Saw for Metallographic Sectioning


Precision Diamond Saw


Compact Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

MSX Series

Saws for Metallographic Sectioning